Poetry Month

As a fitting tribute to the end of national poetry month, I share with you a poem by Isabel Martin, daughter of English Department Chair, Richard Martin, and Laura Martin ’90, Co-President of the Alumni Association. It speaks for itself. If you grew up on a boarding school campus, either as the child of a faculty member or as a student surrounding by faculty children, you’ll relate. Enjoy!

I am from The Gunnery

By Isabel Martin

I am from the round table,

Covered in food,

Surrounded by smaller kids,

I am from the dining hall,

I am from the loud shouts of Go Gunnery,

The tree with the big swing,

And the crack of a bat,

I am from the Baseball field,

I am from falling asleep with the sound of shouting,

The creaky old stairs,

And the TV so loud that it sounds like it’s in my room,

I am from an old dorm,

I am from a village of students,

So many I can’t count,

Dogs in every house and screaming kids running in bare feet,

I am from the Gunnery.