A Call for Courage, Tolerance and Respect

In keeping with tradition, The Gunnery celebrated the formal start of the new school year, our 168th year, with Convocation on Friday, September 8. This event provides us with the opportunity to reflect on our past and the legacy of our founder, Frederick Gunn, as well as the chance to look forward and celebrate a new beginning.

The start of a new school year is also a time to look at the world around us and recognize that we are part of something larger than ourselves. Given the events that have recently taken place around the country and the world, I am reminded of a letter that Mr. Gunn wrote to Abigail in 1847, three years before they started The Gunnery and at a time when Gunn was living in exile as a result of his unpopular views on the question of abolition.

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Convocation 2016

We held our Convocation last Friday September 9th and I wanted to pass along the remarks given by our Head Prefect Matt Danner ’17.

Hello everyone. For those of you returning, I hope you enjoyed your summer, it is great to have you back, and to the new students and faculty, Welcome to The Gunnery.

So far you have reached your point of destination. 99 Green Hill Rd, Washington, CT. You have unpacked your bags, registered for classes, been through orientation, met your dorm parents, teachers, advisors and peers,  you have joined a co-curricular and you have made it through a few nights in a dorm with no air conditioning. Well, not a bad start considering that everything you have experienced in the last few days changes from here on out. You will be juggling tests, homework assignments, practices, rehearsals, games, among other things. From this very moment on, your point of destination is endless. Try as many new things as you can, reach out to the people you share interests with, and ones you don’t. Expand your knowledge to everyone, and most importantly, enjoy what The Gunnery has to offer. Continue reading