24 Hours Without a Screen

On the night before school let out for winter break I challenged our students (and faculty) to create a twenty-four hour period during the break when they would be screen-free. As a colleague put it later, for some students that’s akin to asking them to go without oxygen. As my 8-year old son put it a few days into the break, “And when are you doing your 24 hours, Dad?” Good question, William.

I confess to cheating a little bit. Our family celebrates Christmas so I planned my 24 hours without screens to start Christmas Eve–from the moment I went to sleep on 12/24 until the moment I woke up 12/26 (that’s more than 24 hours, William, so there!). I’ve done 24 hours away from my phone before and that’s always been a good experience but something about this was different. Continue reading