Stray Shot: The Saga Continues

strayshotheader1For this month’s posting, I’m sharing with you a fun and interesting dialogue, curated by our own Paula Krimsky, archivist and Gunnery veteran.  This chain of communications was sparked by the recent discovery of a Stray Shot, and the subsequent publishing of its story in the Fall 2016 Bulletin magazine as well as the October On the Go.  Please enjoy, share with classmates, and send us your insights and comments about these legendary cannon balls!

By now the faithful readers of The Gunnery’s publications know that this former Bulletin editor and frequent news reporter is besotted by Stray Shot stories. As more alumni have shared their stories over the years and we have constantly revisited and revised the history…we are ever careful to never say we have the last version.

But my readers must admit that the find of Michael Zhang ’20 and his merry band of freshmen (Jarred Drickler-Bourgart, Mary Carew-Miller, Will Hambley and Cailin Kessman) behind the tennis courts in a stream off of Kirby Brook was rather spectacular. Read about it here.  Their discovery unleashed a torrent of reminiscences and theories.  Alas, last Friday (Dec. 9), we received a photo from Courtney Febbroriello ’93 that has again upended, but perhaps solved, another mystery.  The photo shows the first and second stray shots, side-by-side in the hands of Headmaster Eanes (1979-1991). Blown up was the legend of the first ball being the size of a beach ball (baby Jonathan Whittle ’80 and Wally Rowe’s basset hound notwithstanding – these were former size comparisons).

Have  your own account of the Stray Shot that you want to share? Send an e-mail to so we can hear all about it!

Below we include some blasts from the past, starting with Chip Miller’s on September 26; Continue reading