In the Spirit of Mr. Gunn, Thoughts on a Snowy Day

It’s dumping snow here in Washington (and many other parts of the NE). I hated to postpone the NYC Alumni event scheduled for tonight at the Century Club because I don’t like to bow to the Weather Channel gods, but now it looks like it was the right call. Those of us on campus can’t help but feel a bit lame because we know that if Fred and Abigail were here they’d be strapping on their cross country skis and heading down to Manhattan as I type. But we look forward to convening the NYC alumni and parents in the near future and wish everyone a warm, safe day. And, of courses, classes here are on as usual so we haven’t lost the spirit of Mr. Gunn entirely.

Director of College Counseling Seth Low leading a band of intrepid students (during a free period) to help shovel:

Finally, because you can never have enough F.W. Gunn in your life, here are some of his words to live by (as quoted in The Gunnery 1850-1975: A Documentary History of Private Education In America, by Adam Korpalski, p. 45): “Cultivate your religious faculties diligently. Think boldly, fearlessly; never fear where unfettered thought will lead you. If you are induced to give up many of your present notions, to become a heretic, never fear nor stop, lest by halting from the pursuit of truth you lose your soul.”

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